We're Back! Pole Jam tonight!

Still looking for something to do tonight? Come to our Pole Jam!

Even if you don’t pole or are just starting, there are going to be polers and non-polers there having fun and socializing.

The fun starts tonight, March 8, 2013 at 8pm and goes until 11pm or so. No need to be here the whole time (but we’d like you to be.)


Pole Jams present an opportunity for the NE Ohio Pole dance community to get together and have a great time! Share tips and tricks, build a stronger community, have a great time, make new pole friends!

All Pole Students, Instructors, potential students, and (respectful) pole aficionados welcome

(this isn’t a strip club… although booty clapping will probably happen at some point).
(Potential students will not be taught, but can see what pole is all about and get info on classes at any area studio, not just CED. Remember this is about strengthening the community without boundaries.)

Please donate $5 if you will be using the equipment. Those with 6 week Open Studio Practice Passes can use their pass towards this event!

Photo Credit Tim Lumpkins Creative