Intro to Kink: 50 Shades Edition

Intro to Kink: 50 Shades Edition: Fri., Feb 20th 7-9pm
Geeky Kink

Has “50 Shades” or the buzz around it sparked your interest in the Kinky side of sexuality? Or perhaps you have heard about BDSM before but didn’t know where or how to go about finding out more. Bring your questions, an open mind, and maybe even some toys you aren’t sure what to do with to this workshop and learn how to explore your fantasies.

For this particular edition of Intro to Kink, we will be exploring the 50 Shades books and movie. Our focus will be on the BDSM elements in those works, where the author took artistic license, and how to bring those elements into your real life with a focus on safety and consent.

Singles welcome, Couples welcome. Future Dominants, submissives, switches, and undecideds all welcome.

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I focus on fun, safe, and responsible fetish and kink education and play. Resource notes provided so you can keep exploring at home. You will also be introduced to safe play spaces around the Cleveland area where you can learn more and meet like-minded people.

Pricing: $20

Upcoming Dates: Friday, February 20th 7-9pm

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