Dance Cardio

Dance Cardio happens every Saturday morning at 11am!

Rev up your weekend with a full hour of easy dance moves put to popular high energy hip hop and pop songs. Dance Cardio begins with an easy warm up and ends with a cool down and stretch. The rest of the hour is filled with fun dance cardio chorography to get your heart pounding, body sweating and calories burning.

cardio dance

All songs are choreographed to allow for intensity variations for students of all fitness abilities. No prior dance or fitness required. Just come and be prepared to dance it out! Please wear breathable or sweat whisking fitness attire and lightweight fitness/running shoes.

Drop-ins are $15. Memberships are available.

Check out our class calendar and navigate to the Saturday you would like to join in, click on the class and register. Or you can email or call to register.

Dance Like A Stripper

Friday March 13th. 7-9pm $25.00 is our first Dance Like a Stripper specialty class

We offer all kinds of pole and alternative dance classes. Some get into elements of exotic dance, but we generally keep it relatively tame.

This class is your chance to get a taste of what it’s like to work in a strip club (without the customers).


Roxi, a former stripper who worked 7 years in Cleveland/Akron area clubs, is now your House Mom. First we’ll be in the “Dressing Room” prepping for the shift. Bring your outfits and heels to change into while Roxi goes over some basics about the “club.” We also will have a limited supply of “stripper heels” and outfits for you to borrow for the class. You will also choose your “stripper name” to be used for the rest of the class.

Dancer_10886cNext, the “club” is open but it just opened so it’s pretty slow in the beginning. We will warm up and get started with walking in heels, working around the pole, basic floor work, booty shaking, stripping while doing all that, and what is going to get that first customer of the day to your stage.
Yes! You have someone at your stage, now we move on to the table side dance. This is how to give a teasing dance but keep him wanting more. He wants more? Good! Let’s move on to the lap dance. Here’s how to get more intimate but stay in control of the situation.

By the end of the class our “club” is quite busy. Full rotation on all stages. It’s show time. The class will be split up to those dancing on “stage” and those “working the floor.” Song rotations and announcements just like in a real club.

Show off what you learned in class!

Pricing: $25

Upcoming Dates: Friday, March 13th 7-9pm

See our Class Calendar, navigate to Feb 20th, and click on the class to register.

Remember Current CED Students get $5 off, so contact us to register and get the discount.