The Essential Burlesque Arts Program Spring 2017

Cleveland Exotic Dance is bringing together the experts to offer the one and only Essential Burlesque Arts Program (E-bap)!

E-Bap for Spring 2017 is designed in two parts: The Bump Package, and The Grind Package.
Take one part, or take both parts for the full Bump & Grind, or you can take classes a la carte.

It’s burlesque your way!



Classes include:
Burlesque 101: Either the 2 week course or the 4 week course. Both courses cover the same material and are each 4 hours long. It’s a choice of either 4, 1 hour classes, or 2, 2 hour classes.
4 week course: Wednesdays April 5th – 26th 6:00 – 7:00pm
2 week course: Saturdays April 22nd & 29th 1:00 – 3:00pm
Burlesque Choreography (6 week course) Wednesdays May 3rd – June 7th 6:00 – 7:00pm
(Save $15.00 with this package price!
You can still take the courses a la carte: $46 for Burlesque 101 and $69 for Burlesque Choreography. Burlesque Choreography is only open to students who have previously taken 101 or have some experience.)

Tess la Coil’s Burlesque 101 is an introduction to bumps, grinds, peels, and pasties. Primarily for beginners, but intermediate students wishing to review are also welcome. Students will learn the basics of burlesque history and movement. Following a brief discussion of burlesque’s evolution from simple stripping to storytelling and social commentary, we will cover bumps, grinds, shimmies, and walks; as well as posing and floorwork. Students will also learn the basics of strip tease, including how to remove gloves, shirts or gowns, and bras & panties. Please bring a pair of comfortable heels and a bathing suit or other base-layer for striptease.

Once you’ve got your bumps and grinds down. Your walk is on point. You’re evolving and improving in your burlesque persona. What’s next?? Eliza Sidecar will take your burlesque basics to the next level in Burlesque Choreography! Throughout this 6 week course, you will learn classic burlesque combos and choreography, explore musicality and emotion, and complete one to two group routines in their entirety, with the opportunity to perform at the CED Student Showcase, Saturday, June 11th. This class is perfect for those with a performance background or the desire to perform. It is highly encouraged that students complete Burlesque 101 and/or have prior burlesque performance experience. Students are encouraged to take the 6 week course in it’s entirety, as we will be building on and adding choreography from week to week; if you are unable to make it to all classes, please let Eliza know asap. Please wear form fitting dancewear (shorts, yoga pants, leggings are perfect), and bring heels no higher than 4 inches.


Classes include:
Confidence Class: Saturday May 6th 12:00 – 1:30pm
Burlesque Makeup for Stage: Saturday May 13th 1:00 – 2:30pm
Modern Burlesque Choreography: Thursday May 18th 6:00 – 8:00pm
Pastie Construction & Tassel Twirlin’: Sunday June 4th 4:00 – 5:30pm
(Save $20.00 with this package price!
You can still take the classes a la carte: $25 for Confidence Class, Burlesque Makeup for $30, Modern Burlesque Choreography for $30, and Pasties & Tassel Twirlin’ for $20.)

Confidence Class is a workshop on confidence building for on-stage and home situations. Students will learn a number of tools to develop and express confident sexuality.
Attire: Students should wear whatever makes them FEEL sexy. This does not necessarily mean lingerie, skimpy clothing, or costumes. It could be a favorite dress, workout clothes, cute lingerie, a power suit… (I’ll probably wear high-waisted short shorts & a baggy sweater, for reference)

In Burlesque Makeup for Stage you will learn tips and tricks on how to make your makeup POP on stage, from the burlesque star and makeup artist, Eliza Sidecar! In this 90 minute workshop, she’ll teach you how to create the ideal base for a flawless look on stage. From finding your perfect shade, to how to contour and highlight for a stunning glow. You’ll learn how to trick the eye: Want to make your lips appear fuller? Accent your cheekbones? Make your eyes pop? There’s a makeup for that! Baking? Strobing? Tightline? She’s got you covered! We’ll also cover eyebrow shaping, adding false eyelashes, and where and when to add glitter and embellishments to finalize your show face. Samples and testers will be available, but please bring your makeup kit. Eliza will be creating a start to finish show look throughout the workshop, so come with a fresh face ready to follow along, or ready to take notes, and learn a flawless showgirl stage makeup look from start to finish!

In Modern Burlesque Choreography Students will learn a fun and flirty burlesque choreography with light strip-tease set to modern music.
During the first hour of class, students will learn a number of sultry dance moves, as well as basic strip-tease technique using button-down shirts.
For the second hour, we will combine these movements to create a fun, easy-to-learn choreographed routine.
Please wear comfortable heels, and an oversize button-down shirt.
All levels welcome.

Pastie Construction & Tassel Twirlin’ is a DIY style workshop on how to construct your very own pasties and tassels (supplies for one pair of pasties, embellishments, and tassels included). We’ll cover how to measure and make different shaped pasties, making your own tassels, how to attach spinners and make your tassels detachable, how to embellish your pasties, and finally, tips and tricks for makin’ those babies twirl!


The Bump & Grind Package includes ALL the classes listed above!
(Save $45.00 with this package price.)


You can purchase any of the PACKAGES on our “memberships” page (scroll toward the bottom under “Workshops/Specialty.”)
Packages Here

Links for registration for the CLASSES A LA CARTE.
(We can make custom packages for any current Burlesque performers who would like just a couple classes in specific areas. Private lessons are also available.)
Burlesque 101 (4 week course)
Burlesque 101 (2 week course)
Burlesque Choreography
Confidence Class
Burlesque Makeup for Stage
Modern Burlesque Choreography
Pastie Construction & Tassel Twirlin’