Wednesday, August 19th 7:00-8:00pm

This specialty class is designed to give you a balanced workout addressing the concerns below. Not only will you be on the pole learning proper arm technique on both sides, and doing strengthening exercises with the pole, but you will also get on the floor. Floorwork provides an opportunity for some body weight resistance in other directions so you balance out the arm workout. Getting down some floorwork moves is also tons of fun.

PoleArmWhy a class focusing on arms?
It is pretty obvious that pole uses a lot of arm strength, but some times we get into some bad habits.
Overuse of the arm: How we use arms in pole is more than just biceps and triceps. To truly support many postures polers should also be using the muscles on the other side of the shoulder joint as well.
Only Training one side: We all have our favorite side, but then the other side gets neglected. Having one strong arm and one noodle arm is not only odd looking, but can create a physiological imbalance.
Only Training in one direction: Speaking of imbalances, polers are great at pulling the arms down (chin up/pull up motion), but give them the same amount of weight to pick up and the results are usually lacking. Muscles come in pairs and if you only work one direction you might eventually find yourself in some pain, or worse, injured.

Current students can use any pole or unlimited membership for this class. Single drop-ins are $20 per person.

See our Class Calendar, go to that date, and click on the class to register.

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