Challenging and fun, our classes are a great alternative to traditional dance or gym style fitness.

The instructors at CED teach classes from both dance and fitness perspective. Some classes are naturally more on the fitness side and some on the dance side, but our focus is on the progress of each individual student. Let our instructors know your goals. We want you to take our classes in the direction you want to go.

New students can start any day we have an intro or beginner class. New pole students, should start with a Level I class. Please pre-register or contact us so we know you’re coming. See the FAQ for the answers to other questions.

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    Kenneth Kao in a Doubles pole routine.

    Pole for Couples (Doubles Pole)

    Doubles Pole: Tuesday, February 24, 2015, 8pm-9:30pm Do you enjoy exercising with your friend or significant other? Come to pole fitness for couples…

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    Intro to Kink: 50 Shades Edition

    Intro to Kink: 50 Shades Edition: Fri., Feb 20th 7-9pm Has "50 Shades" or the buzz around it sparked your interest in the Kinky side of…

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    Beginner Pole is actually split into 3 sub-levels since there is so much to learn. In all beginner levels you’ll be working on various pole climbs and training for your first invert. At the end of Level 3 you’ll have your first invert, a large repertoire of spins, solid climbing, and you’ll be ready for Intermediate!

    Level I classes and classes that include Level I are open for public registration. This is where you want to start your pole education. Level 1 is dedicated to developing a great foundation in pole with some spins, dance moves, and floorwork.

    Level 2 focuses more on spins and starting to learn how to combine skills together.

    Level 3 is about polishing level 1 and 2 spins, adding more challenging spins, training from the floor for aerial moves that will come from inversions, one-handed spins, and combining spins.

    Intermediate focuses on basic inversion holds and combos. We will also perfect other methods of climbing the pole.

    Advanced students will be chaining inversion skills together and learn more advanced ways to invert.


    Pole Dance Flow: While we do cover dance combo in all regular classes, the entire focus in this class is about the DANCE. You will need to have taken at least one Pole Level I class to take this class. It is also highly recommended that you are taking a Pole Level in combination with this class. This class is more about taking spins and tricks that you already know and creating dances, rather than learning new tricks.

    Spin Pole: Our poles can SPIN! Learn how to control spin speed, build more strength in the holds you already know while on spin, and learn how to chain holds in spin mode. You will need to be in level 2 or higher to take this class. It is also highly recommended that you are taking a Pole Level in combination with this class. This class is more about taking spins and tricks that you already know and transferring them to a spinning pole, rather than learning new tricks.

    Cardio Pole: Pole is great for strength training, but unless you are dancing full song choreographies, you aren’t getting much cardio. Even when you do start working on full dances, if you haven’t been doing cardio you will be out of breath. In this dynamic 45 minute class we will do a dance warm up, a pole dance warm up, pole skill drills, and a cool down. You’ll keep your heart rate up, burn fat, and keep moving. You will need to have taken at least one Pole Level I class to take this class. It is also highly recommended that you are taking a Pole Level in combination with this class. This class is more about taking spins and tricks that you already know and adding cardio, rather than learning new tricks.

    Strength Training with Pole: Use the pole as a strength training tool. Your spins, trick, and dance combos will be easier and you’ll be able to progress faster the stronger you get. Pole is already a great way to strength train, but in this class you can take it to the next level.


    What do I wear? SHORTS please. A lot of brand new students come in leggings or other pants. You will be limited in what we can do your first day because any kind of fabric on your legs will be slippery. No shoes required. A t-shirt or tank top is fine for beginners. NO LOTION, RINGS, or BRACELETS.

    I’ve done pole before or I’m visiting from another studio, what class can I sign up for? Our general rule is that all students new to our studio must come to a class that includes level I to be assessed. For temporary/visiting students please give us a call or email so we can chat about what you’ve been doing at your home studio.

    HoopDance is an expressive and unique form of dance incorporating the use of a modern adult size hula hoop. Hoopdance involves technical dance moves, freestyle art form in dance, and what is known as “tricks” with the hoop.

    • Spinning the hoop around your waist works your core, hips thighs, gluts, and abs.
    • When you add upper body moves, you are getting a complete resistance training and cardio workout for the entire body.
    • Facilitates joy and laughter.
    • As for calorie burning, the results are off the charts. According to researcher conducted at The Cooper Institute in the Dallas, Texas, who tested the Hoop Workout, the hoop dance exercise burned twice as many calories as riding a bike at 19 miles per hour or running.
    • Bridges the gap between the mind and body so much so that…
    • …Physical therapists are using the Hula Hoop as a rehabilitation device to treat individuals recovering from injury, stroke, and arthritis.

    Learn how to be a total glamour queen, how to walk and dance in sky-high heels and how to exude confidence and sex appeal! And of course, you’ll learn all the fundamentals of burlesque dance! You’ll shimmy, shake, undulate, bump,grind, wiggle, jiggle, twirl and swirl your way through the classic burlesque moves and the use of the tools of tease, such as boas, canes, gloves and chairs. Taught by the Cleveland’s Burly Strong Gal, Tess La Coil!

    Taught Ms. Roxi, you will learn to move your body in ways you never thought possible. Shimmy, undulate, and snake to worldly rhythms. Tone and strengthen your body with a focus on the core muscles. Beginner gives you the foundation movements. In the continuing level, you’ll work on putting the foundation skills from beginner into dance combinations and choreography, work on layering different movements at the same time, and dance with props. There are always performance opportunities for interested students.

    Beginner Dance for Adults

    All of our dance styles, from Pole to Burlesque and everything in between, do not require that you have a background in dance, but it will be easier for you to take the individual skills in each style and create full dances with basic dance skills.

    This class is a combination of jazz technique, contemporary dance, and choreography. You will learn the basics of dance and jazz technique which can be used on their own but also greatly enhance your developing skills in other classes. Each class starts with a warm up song, and then we will spend class on technique and cross-overs. The last 20 minutes will be dedicated to learning a choreographed long combo/short dance.

    Any students who commit to this class are strongly encouraged to purchase dance shoes; probably lyrical shoes, but we recommended in addition a jazz sneaker (not the leather booties), because they will help absorb the shock when learning leaps and jumps.

    Cardio Dance

    Description coming

    Stretch Time

    Description and price coming


    The following price chart covers pricing for our regularly scheduled classes and most featured/special topics classes. Some Featured or Special Topics classes might be a different price.
    Please view our Class Calendar to see when classes are offered, and/or to sign up for classes by clicking on the one you want to attend.

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    Pole Non-Pole
    Drop-in (Single Class)
    (To Purchase: Go to the Class Calendar.
    Click on the day & time you want to attend.)
    $20 $15
    Flexible 6 Class Pass
    (Good for 3 months from date of purchase.)
    6 classes for $110 6 classes for $80
    (Can mix and match all non-pole)
    Monthly Membership
    (1 class per week. Based on 4 weeks in a month.
    This may vary depending on the month.)
    $60 each month $46 each month
    (Must choose a specific class)
    Quarterly Membership
    (1 class per week. Based on 12 weeks in
    each 3 month block.
    This may vary each quarter and/or class.)
    $52 per month $40 per month
    (Must choose a specific class)
    UNLIMITED Quarterly Membership
    (Comes with all open studio time for free, and
    one specialty classes up to $25.)
    $100 per month
    UNLIMITED 6 Month Membership
    (Includes add-ons for the Unlimited Quarterly, plus
    another specialty class & 10% off merchandise**.)
    $90 per month
    UNLIMITED Yearly Membership
    (Includes add-ons for the Unlimited Quarterly and 6
    month, plus 2 more specialty classes & 1 discounted party.)
    $80 per month
    MEMBERSHIP TERMS: When you sign-up for Quarterly, 6 Month, or Yearly Memberships you are responsible for all monthly payments during the whole term of the membership . You pay the 1st month when you first sign-up, then at the beginning of each following month for the entire term of the membership your credit card will AUTOMATICALLY be charged for that month. You cannot cancel a membership and there are NO REFUNDS. We will need medical or other documentation if you need to put a membership on hold.

    Please contact us if you would like to start a Monthly, Quarterly, 6 month, or Yearly membership during the middle or end of a month so we can pro-rate appropriately.

    How to purchase memberships online: When you click on classes in the class calendar, all memberships that can be used for that class will show up there, and from there you can purchase the membership or just a single drop-in for that class. You can also purchase memberships from THIS PAGE.

    **The 10% Merchandise discount is not eligible for poles or art work.