Please click on each tab in the box below to read about the FULL details.


    Learn a mini routine comprised of grounded moves, spins, transitions, and/or floor work. We modify the moves based on each individual’s ability.  You have two choices: Pole Sugar or Pole Spice  Pole Sugar is the routine we have created for everyone! There’s a little bit of sexy movement, but nothing too risque. Pole Spice is our stripper style routine. A few Booty Shakes and classic stripper moves will be integrated into the routine.  


    Build a private routine to wow your significant other. Dance techniques, setting up the space, striptease tips, and up close and personal moves. The perfect class if you want something to take home for you and your partner.


    Learn a few spins around the pole, but also play with some striptease so you and your guests have something to take home.


    Learn a few spins around the pole, and then move it to the chair so you can get a little grind on when you get home.


    The original, classic striptease from the 1920’s – 1940’s Very theatrical, very glitzy. Feathers & gloves, bumps & grinds


    A little less risque but still hella sexy. Shake those hips like Shakira, and unleash the power of the original woman’s dance.


    Fellatio Like A Pro is a non-dance class. It’s all about giving pleasure a partner with a penis, using hands, mouth, and some other tricks! It is based on our popular workshop by the same name, which you can read all about here: Fellatio Like A Pro Details NOTE: Due to the sexually explicit nature of this class ALL GUESTS must be aware of what this class is going to be about. This class often does not work well as a surprise. Please make sure everyone is ok with explicit discussion of sex.

    NOTE: We cannot combine any other options than what you see here. There isn’t enough time to teach other combinations of dance styles and often more than one instructor would be needed. Hula Hoop parties may be available upon request.


    This is the best choice for maximum participation. Each of our studios, right near downtown Cleveland, have large open spaces, hardwood flooring, multiple poles for spinning, and multiple chairs for lap dancing. We can provide free basic snacks and soda upon request or you can bring your own refreshments.

    Our two studio rooms are located at 3635 Perkins Ave 5th Floor. Cleveland, OH 44114.


    Sometimes you just don’t want to go out. Sometimes, we can bring the party to you. If you have a large open area or can move furniture to make one, we can make it work.

    For pole parties, WE CAN NO LONGER BRING OUR FLOOR TO CEILING POLE due to liability issues. The only travel pole option is our freestanding portable pole. In order to get this pole, you must book a full 24 hour rental for $225.00 IN ADDITION to the $30 per person for an instructor to come out for a couple hours and teach.


    No matter the activity you choose you the base price is the same.

    $30 Per Person

    Minimum party time 1.5 hours. Parties can last up around 2 hours. The variance depends on the activity you choose, if the group arrives on time, and the overall “personality” of the group.

    -There is a minimum of 5 people needed for a party. You can have less but you will still need to pay as if 5 people were participating ($150).

    -For groups with 10 or more participate, the guest of honor is free!

    -We only charge for those who will actually participate. If a couple people in your group cannot or do not want to participate they may watch and we will not charge them. Please note, the majority of the party guests need to participate in the lesson.

    -Also, parties at your location will incur a mileage and convenience charge if the location is more than 10 miles from the studio per Google maps. If your location is 10-25 miles from the studio the fee is $10, 25-50 miles away is $20. THIS FEE IS DUE WHEN YOU PAY YOUR DEPOSIT TO BOOK THE PARTY.

    -If you have a special situation or request for the guest of honor just ask us! In most cases we can figure out how to make the event exactly what you want.

    Party reservations are first come first serve and dates fill up very fast!

    -The first step in reserving your date and time is to get “penciled in” on our calendar. This means your party is TENTATIVELY reserved, and you have first dibs on that date and time. However, the party is not officially booked and we will not schedule an instructor until your $60.00 deposit (and any mileage/convenience fee for travel parties) is received.

    -Our parties are intended for adults ages 18 and over. If ANYONE in your group is under 18, you MUST contact us at booking (BEFORE you pay the deposit) for policies and procedures which will allow 16 or 17 year olds to attend. Please do not try to book a party and attend if ANYONE in your group is under 18 without notifying us of the underage participant(s). ALL IDs, even guests over 18, will be checked when you arrive for your party. NO EXCEPTIONS. So, you must follow booking procedure for any underage guests. If we find a guest trying to attend without having followed underage procedure, the party will be canceled on the spot WITHOUT the deposit being refunded. Students under the age of 18 may not be involved in any party which teaches themes from our Sexual Wellness program, lap dance, or striptease.

    -The $60.00 deposit (plus any applicable mileage/convenience fee for travel parties) is part of your total payment for the party, with the balance due when you arrive at the studio/we arrive at your location.

    Deposits MUST be received at least 10 days prior to the party date. If the deposit is not received 10 days prior to the party you are risking losing your spot. The tentative booking is removed and the date and time is open for anyone to reserve and place a deposit.

    -If someone else calls requesting your date during the time prior to you paying the $60.00 deposit you have first dibs. We will immediately call and/or email you to let you know someone else wants the date. You then have 48 hours to pay the $60.00 deposit. If you do not pay the deposit within that 48 hours, then you both have equal opportunity to put the deposit to fully reserve the date in question.

    -If it is the rare occasion where we have a date open for a last minute booking less than 10 days, please be prepared to either pay the $60.00 deposit (plus any applicable mileage/convenience fee for travel parties) over the phone when you call to book or within 24 hours. We cannot guarantee we will be able to schedule a last minute booking.

    -Once the deposit is received the date and time can only be changed once IF the new date and time is open, and changes must be made at least 1 week prior to the original party date.

    -If you completely cancel the party for any reason you forfeit the deposit and any mileage/convenience fee.

    -Multiple parties are often scheduled in one day, so you MUST arrive on time for your party. If you are going to be more than 15 minutes late you must contact the studio. If you are more than 30 minutes late you forfeit $30 of your deposit. If you are more than 45 minutes late we cannot guarantee that there will be enough time to fully conduct your event and you also forfeit your entire $60 deposit.

    NOTE: Deposits are standard at $60.00. Requests less than a week in advance or all holiday weekend bookings will require a $150.00 deposit. The policies for $150.00 deposits are the same as for the $60.00 deposits above.

    Steps to Reserving Your Party

    Step 1

    Please submit this form to request a party date and time. But first, have you read through the tabs in the “Party info Box” above?

    This form is a request for a day and time and does not guarantee the day or time.

    First Name
    Last Name

    Date & Time Choice
    Parties are usually on Friday nights and Saturdays.
    Friday night start times are typically 7pm, or 9:30pm.
    Saturday party start times are typically 11am, 1:30pm, 4pm, 6:30pm, or 9pm.
    Other days MIGHT be available, so please still make your request even if it isn't our typical Friday/Saturday schedule.

    Enter date: mm/dd/yyyy
    Enter date: mm/dd/yyyy
    Please avoid using a yahoo email address for your registration. Yahoo changed their security settings to block more spam BUT it also often identifies us as spam. Emails from us will often NEVER be delivered to Yahoo addresses.
    Best one to reach you.
    Secondary number (if any)
    In studio works best for most parties since we have everything we need right there and lots of space! You are also welcome to bring food and beverages. Pole parties are not recommended at your location. We can no longer bring a floor to ceiling pole due to liability issues. You will need to rent our free standing pole separately. The pole rental is $225.00 and is a separate charge from the $30 per person for coming out and teaching the party.

    Step 2

    We will review your submission within 48 hours during weekdays, and then email and/or call you back about your request. You will actually receive 2 emails. One will be confirmation of a date and time (or alternatives if your exact day and time was not available), and party details such as the studio location and what your guests should bring or wear. The other email will be a password and sign-in information for our online registration system. You will need this for Step 3, Part B.

    If you do not see one or both emails, please check your spam folder. If you still do not see them, please give us a call. Please do give us 48 hours during the week after submitting your request from Step 1.

    Step 3

    Part A: Confirm your party details:


    Yup, one more form just to make sure we have everything right.

    Confirmation Form

    (Please do not fill out this form until you have received the emails in Step 2)

    Part B: Pay Your Deposit:

    Remember the party is not fully confirmed until we have received your $60 deposit. Use the sign-in information from one of the emails to
    Sign-in to pay your deposit.

    Once you have signed in you will add a credit card or bank info for check drafts to your account. Then you will pay the $60 bill with the payment account you entered. If you only enter credit card or bank info this will NOT pay your deposit. All that does is just add that payment option to your account. After you enter a payment option to your account, then you will pay the bill.

    If you are not sure check the “Bills” tab so see if the $60 bill is still open or not. If you paid it then it will be in your payment history and not under bills.