Pole for Men Class on Monday, July 13, 2015, 8pm-9:30pm

Pole fitness is no longer just for women. There is a wide range of styles open to men who have different goals. Pole is a blend of flexibility, gymnastics, acrobatics, break dance, and yes dare I say it, cross-fit. Doing pole builds upper body and core strength equal to, or better than, any other forms of exercise. It is a novelty and something different to mix up your workouts. You will learn things like climbing, inverting, flagging and other acrobatic tricks.

Kenneth Kao in Shoulder Mount Flag

Kenneth Kao in a Shoulder Mount Flag.
Permission to use this photo by photographer G. Mark Lewis

Note: Men are always welcome in ANY of our classes. We are a co-ed studio, but this class gives the guys a chance to try out pole on their own.

Please check out the following links and YouTube playlist for general information about the male side of pole.

Male Pole Dancing
Inside a Male Pole Class
Move over Women, Men are Taking to Pole Dancing

This class is the regular drop-in rate for all pole classes: $20.00. Go to our calendar, navigate to January 20th, and click on the class to sign-up.
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OR If you are friends with, dating, or married to anyone already attending classes at Cleveland Exotic Dance ask her about sharing her membership with you for this class. (Please be nice and pay her back.) She will have to contact us to let us know it’s ok to share the membership with you.

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    • Great vids. Love the freestyle. We aren’t looking to expand into that style at this time, but we’ll keep your link around if we go that route in the future.

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